The ideas and processes are simple and pragmatic

The ideas and processes in this book are simple and pragmatic, which will allow almost any firm to put them to good use.  From client service plans and partner accountability to client prioritization and retention, it’s clear that Lee and Tom understand the keys to growing a CPA firm.  The challenge for the reader will.. read more →

An easily digestible road map

“Wallet Share is an easily digestible road map to better serve, acquire and retain clients. The learnings and processes advocated in this book have given clarity and a common language to our efforts. We understand our business better and our priorities are clear. I plan to make available a copy of Wallet Share available to.. read more →

Do you know why your clients leave?

75% of firms think they lose a proposal or a client over price.  That’s not what the research says.  Check out this article on the subject by Lee Eisenstaedt. read more →

15 Jun 2013
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