There is no doubt that new clients are important to every practice. Professional service firms invest heavily, in both marketing and practice development to attract them.  Compensation systems typically tilt financial rewards toward rainmakers.

Yet a significant source of additional revenue is sitting inside the client base, waiting to be captured.  This additional revenue can be yours , with very little investment.  If you aren’t meeting the needs of your clients, someone else will. Perhaps they already have.

If you aren’t regularly diagnosing client needs and proposing solutions, you are creating vulnerable clients.  Our 3x3x3℠ client service model is a collection of proven best practices to help you grow your practice and increase wallet share. Use the tools in this book to:

  • Learn how clients want to be served
  • Create clients loyal to your firm
  • Capture incremental revenue
  • Generate high quality referrals
  • Create accountability for client retention and revenue growth
  • Bulletproof your clients from competitors